Alex Billingham

Building is a collaborative process and good architecture often arises out of good relationships.  Nurturing productive relationships between the Client,…

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Alex Fedyk

I have always enjoyed the collaborative aspect of architecture and through my studies I have been able to experience this…


Aurelija Čelutkė

Since I was little my dream was to design a beautiful and comfortable house for my big family. This is…

Ben Tipson

Ben Tipson

“It’s good to be home…” – Ben on his return to BPN.

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Carrie Brown

I try to ensure the smooth running of the practice, including general practice management, marketing, premises management, project and administrative…


David Baugh

“ Sunlight didn’t know how great it was until it hit the side of a building.” – Louis Isadore Kahn…

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Dean Shaw

I think the design process should be an inclusive one with collaboration being an extremely important part of a project’s…

Ellis Cresswell

Ellis Cresswell

It is the relationship between architecture and mental well-being that stands out as one of my central interests. The way…


Emil Karadzhov

“As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially…

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Georgina Martin

Following a varied career in Architecture, I have settled in a creative practice which embodies the ethos and ideals which I…


Irena Dumitrascu

I wanted to pursue architecture because I loved building cardboard houses for my dolls and light them up with string lights….


Josh Veale

Growing up, my father was always working on home projects. Designing and building with his bare hands was, to me,…

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Katie Miller

BA (Hons) Architecture, BA (Hons) Visual + Media Arts, MArch RIBA Pt II, PG Dip Architectural Practic

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Larry Priest

I am interested in modern things. Ideas for each project are generated by the context of place and a preoccupation…

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Phillip Shepherd

Through my work and our collaboration with artists I have become aware that good architecture is like art. You think you have taken…


Razvan Pop

I have developed an interest for architecture and design at the School of Art in my hometown, a competitive, yet…

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Richard Newman

Legibility and simplicity of design is always my aim. And context is key. I believe that great buildings and places…

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Robert Smith

I enjoy the building process and the practicalities of finding solutions to construction problems.  My main role is the production…

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Russell Ingram

Architecture is a long term, worthwhile and fulfilling career, which makes a significant and direct visible impact on our surroundings,…

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Russell Morriss

Context and sustainability should be the fundamental generators of design. However, when considering sustainability we must realise technology alone will…

Ryan Price

Ryan Price

I started working for BPN in March 2013, and since then I have been constantly learning new, interesting things about…


Sarah Edwards

As the climate crisis deepens, I am particularly interested in how we tackle our ever-changing environment. A responsibility lies with…


Sunena Sohal

As a child I used to help my dad with his building projects on the weekends and I really enjoyed…


Tom Willington

I believe architecture should, fundamentally, be user driven design. An architect has the capability to provide a client with more than…

William Weston

William Weston

I’m interested in architecture’s ability to resonate with culture, giving form to place and facilitating collective memory. I feel creativity is…