Abi Copeland

Having a passion for photography and graphic design, BPN Architects is my ideal environment in which to work. Providing administrative…


Alex Billingham

Building is a collaborative process and good architecture often arises out of good relationships.  Nurturing productive relationships between the Client,…

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Alex Fedyk

I have always enjoyed the collaborative aspect of architecture and through my studies I have been able to experience this…


Aurelija Čelutkė

Since I was little my dream was to design a beautiful and comfortable house for my big family. This is…

Ben Tipson

Ben Tipson

“It’s good to be home…” – Ben on his return to BPN.

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Carrie Brown

Having spent 5 years at sea on cruise ships, I took my first steps into the industry in 2014. Utilising my…


David Baugh

“ Sunlight didn’t know how great it was until it hit the side of a building.” – Louis Isadore Kahn…

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Dean Shaw

I think the design process should be an inclusive one with collaboration being an extremely important part of a project’s…

Ellis Cresswell

Ellis Cresswell

It is the relationship between architecture and mental well-being that stands out as one of my central interests. The way…


Emil Karadzhov

“As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially…

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Georgina Holden

Following a varied career in Architecture, I have settled in a creative practice which embodies the ethos and ideals which I…


Irena Dumitrascu

I wanted to pursue architecture because I loved building cardboard houses for my dolls and light them up with string lights….


Jenny Harrison

I believe that architecture should be generated from a thorough understanding of a site and its context. By appreciating the…


Josh Veale

Growing up, my father was always working on home projects. Designing and building with his bare hands was, to me,…

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Katie Miller

Throughout my studies and work in practice I have developed a pragmatic approach to design. I appreciate architecture that is…


Kimran Farooq

Housing has become increasingly unaffordable in urban areas around the world. I am passionate about how we can overcome this…

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Larry Priest

I am interested in modern things. Ideas for each project are generated by the context of place and a preoccupation…

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Phil Millward

I have always had an interest in the way technology is changing the face of the cities we live in….

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Phillip Shepherd

Through my studies, personal experience and our collaboration with artists I am becoming increasingly aware that good architecture is like…


Razvan Pop

I have developed an interest for architecture and design at the School of Art in my hometown, a competitive, yet…

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Richard Newman

Legibility and simplicity of design is always my aim. And context is key. I believe that great buildings and places…

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Robert Smith

I enjoy the building process and the practicalities of finding solutions to construction problems.  My main role is the production…

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Russell Ingram

Architecture is a long term, worthwhile and fulfilling career, which makes a significant and direct visible impact on our surroundings,…

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Russell Morriss

Context and sustainability should be the fundamental generators of design. However, when considering sustainability we must realise technology alone will…


Ryan Price

I started working for BPN in March 2013, and since then I have been constantly learning new, interesting things about…


Sarah Edwards

As the climate crisis deepens, I am particularly interested in how we tackle our ever-changing environment. A responsibility lies with…


Sunena Sohal

As a child I used to help my dad with his building projects on the weekends and I really enjoyed…

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Tom Willington

I believe architecture should, fundamentally, be user driven design. An architect has the capability to provide a client with more than…