Razvan Pop

I have developed an interest for architecture and design at the School of Art in my hometown, a competitive, yet inspiring environment, laden with history and surrounded by nature. Ever since, I’ve embraced the artistic practices within the family of arts and explored their relationship to the functional. One of the aspects that I appreciate the most about my occupation, is the prospect of working on meaningful projects that have social value, because only then I feel that I can put my education at good use and contribute towards a positive social and ecological impact.

In light of recent climate change warnings, I think it is key for architects and architecture schools to address environmental issues, and keep up with the research of the ever-shifting societies and environments.

For architects to remain relevant in the future, I believe that we must push the emphasis towards a more entrepreneurial perception of architects amongst members of the public and engage with decision-makers to argue the case for an environment-oriented building industry.


BA (Hons), MArch, PG Dip


Birmingham City University