Kajans – Albert Hall

Aston, Birmingham


Kajans Women’s Enterprise community group occupy the Albert Hall in Aston, Birmingham. The internal arrangement of this four storey victorian building had remained largely unchanged since its original construction and much of the accommodation was inappropriate and difficult to use.

Working alongside an enthusiastic client and user group we have transformed the interior of the building through a reorganisation of space and facilities. Utilising a contemporary design language within the Victorian building we have been able to transform the Albert Hall into a light and open environment for visitors, users and staff.

The renovation has provided Kajans with a cafe/multipurpose room with a fully equipped catering kitchen, a large 170 seat performance hall and a large function/ rehearsal studio. In addition to the creation of larger rooms the building has been made fully accessible with the insertion of a new lift core and a remodelling of the internal staircase to give access to all floors from one single point.

The development of the accommodation at the Albert Hall will generate revenue to Kajans, providing the organisation with a sustainable future as an attractive community facility.

1845 P1030102

1845 P1030047

(Street view image at top courtesy of Google.)