The proposed Play Barn seeks to meet the aspirations set out in Play England’s ‘Design for Play: A guide to Creating Successful Play Spaces’. The Play Barn will provide a bespoke facility for the children and young people, aged 5-14 years old, in the local community to experience play in a safe, supervised environment where they will be encouraged, supported and challenged to take risks – a critical element of children’s development.

Design for Play sets out 10 Principles for designing successful play spaces:
Successful play spaces…
– are ‘bespoke’
– are well located
– make use of natural materials
– provide a wide range of play experiences
– are accessible to both disabled and non-disabled children
– meet community needs
– all children of different ages to play together
– building opportunities to experience risk and challenge
– are sustainable and appropriately maintained
– allow for change and evolution

These principles have been used throughout the design process to ensure that the proposed development is successful.

1894 Playbarn 01

1894 Playbarn 03

1894 Playbarn 02