three is looking forward to the fifth artist exhibition in the current series which launches this Thursday 5-7pm. The exhibition is called Soft Machine by artist Sam Brookes.

Sam Brookes’ illustrations are intensely intricate works. His interests lie in how we construct alternate identities, which can separate and distort our own physical realities.

Inspired by Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, Brookes explores the idea that we are not merely defined by perceptions from family, friends and co-workers but through vast networks of people and media.

These illustrations portray how this anonymity of identities prompts us to possess feelings of power and immunity, which in turn can encourage and amplify the most repulsive sides of our human nature.

During the two weeks of the exhibition Brookes will be working in the space, please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for announcements of dates and times as we will welcome visitors who would like to see the artist at work.

The show will remain at 3 Mary Street until 8 May.
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three Sam Brookes Part A