Through our projects, we have developed a link between art and architecture – artists, architects and urbanists work closely together on our projects. Artists challenge ideas and work from a different agenda helping us to achieve a “sense of place”. They might challenge light, colour, shape or form. Designs might evolve based on the history or culture of a building or site. Artists reveal things that architects don’t always see.

As you may be aware, we also incorporate exhibitions from local artists, sculptors and photographers that fit in and around our offices at 3 Mary Street whilst continuing to function as an Architect’s practice. We find this is an interesting way to raise awareness of the value of art and its relationship with placemaking.

As our current exhibition, Birmingham’s People, draws to a close, we are again on the lookout for new and emerging artists to showcase their work in our building. We are specifically looking for local talent (based within the west midlands region) and would love to hear from you if you are looking for an interesting environment in which to exhibit your work.

Our exhibitions are open to the public (during office hours) and are free to view. If works are offered for sale, we don’t take a commission. We also hold a private view event at the launch of our exhibitions.

If you are interested in exhibiting, please email Lorna Parsons, Practice Manager for more information.